Welcome Message

Welcome to my website. As you are likely aware, I have recently filed to run in the fall Municipal elections to retain my current seat as a Regional/Local Councillor in wards 1 & 2 here in Halton Hills.

I filed early so people are aware of my intentions and to put to rest speculation on where, or what I may run for. I love representing the people of Halton Hills and always do my best to bring their voices forward. There will always be times we don’t agree but I will listen to the views of everyone, even if we don’t agree.

The past term has been difficult with COVID19 completely upsetting our regular routine. Both the Town and Region had to adjust how we do all our business. We had to react to a quickly evolving situation and adapt as we took the unusual steps of restricting access to buildings, doing business online, and even closing recreational areas.

Halton Region quickly set up a COVID Vaccine program that to date, has administered over 1,200,000 doses of Vaccines since late December 2020. This was while maintaining regular Health department duties and all the other work that goes on.

I was honoured to be named Deputy Mayor by Mayor Bonnette during the pandemic. Also, I was appointed to serve on the business recovery task force he founded to work with the Acton and Georgetown BIA’s as well as the Chamber of Commerce, local business leaders and the Economic development staff at the town.

The next term will be difficult as we emerge from COVID-19. Our business community will still need support as they struggle back, especially in the face of supply and labour shortages. Our local community groups have been hit hard by the pandemic and will need to have strong advocates around the table.

Experience will be important around the council chambers as we will have a new Mayor and Councillors.

We have heard from our farming community about the difficulties they are facing due to farming near urban areas. We will need to work on supporting them.

Climate change, taxation, housing affordability, 2-way all-day GO service, social service access as well as our popular recreational areas have all been raised to me as items on people’s minds.

I also want to hear from you on what you feel is important for us to tackle in the next term.

Please look at my site, my background and what I feel we need to work on as we move to work together. Please drop me a note if you wish to talk further.

I hope I can count on your support on Oct 24th!

Thank you
Clark Somerville